Mystical Shadows


This fanlisting was opened on October 10th, 2015. I can't believe I own it - I've loved Dark Magician Girl since I first saw her appear in the anime. In fact, I loved her so much that the first site I ever built was a shrine dedicated to her (along with Seto Kaiba, it was a weird website in all honesty) back in 2003. I named that site "Mystical Shadows" - sound familiar? Whereas my old Dark Magician Girl site eventually closed down, its spirit will live on in this nostalgic fanlisting.

I still love the character a decade later, especially after being able to use her as an asset in my own duels in Duelists of the Roses and Eternal Duelist Soul. Frankly, Yugi doesn't need that heart of the cards nonsense, he just needs more Dark Magician Girls in his deck!



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